Detailed training material focused on Balanced Scorecard

With Balanced Scorecard eTraining products we are planning to learn:
– How to design KPI
– How to design a balanced scorecard
– How to implement a balanced scorecard in a company
– How to motivate workers to use a balanced scorecard

George Mademlis, Manager/partner,

TARGET business solutions, Greece

The training material is very detailed and focused on specific issues. I watched all the videos and learned useful tips about implementing a balanced scorecard. Τhe language is clear and simple, it is easy to understand the meaning and to implement the knowledge. The examples are understandable and cover the learning material.

If you watch all the videos it is sure that you will have the ability to design and implement an effective balanced scorecard in any company.

A note from authors:

George, thank you very much for your feedback. We are glad that you liked the training. You have checked the first part, but there is much more to tell you about the Balanced Scorecard. We recommend you to start your balanced scorecard project and try the ideas in practice. For sure you will face some challenges and we will be happy if you will choose other eTraining products to address specific questions.

For example, one of the challenging thing is to involve all the team in the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard. We have an eTraining that explains in detail how to motivate your team. These training are in audio format, so you can learn these ideas while you are driving and then return to them when you will have more questions.

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