eTraining: BSC for HR released

Balanced Scorecard for HR released – buy at promotion price ONLY before 16 July, 2013.

We are glad to let you know that we have released our new eTraining product : “Balanced Scorecard for HR”. It helps HR professionals, business owners and managers.

Inside you will find not only detailed guides, but ready-to-use templates.

  • You can learn more about new eTraining here.

And you can check out what people say about our other eTraining:

“The material are quite details and make the application of Balanced Scorecard simple and forward. Your implementation procedure is wonderful.“ Austin E Williams;


“The best product in the Market for BSC Training. Teaching BSC concepts with your products has been very easy since you have been able to present a product that can be used at various levels of complexity.“ Margaret Abbott, Director, Abbott Consulting & Training (ACT)


“Each piece of information in eTraining is useful“ RG Bargy, QA Manager, RGB Inc


“Scorecard Training bring you so many useful insights into the concept. And you could do all other remaining tasks better.“R. Ashrafian, Deputy of the directing manager Rastak inc.


“We are use Balanced Scorecard eTranings to learn how efficiency achieve mission and vision goals of company or how to solve gaps between start point and finish “. Zvonimir, Sales manager

Here is a buy link to buy new eTraining at promotion price 40$:

Retail price is 80$, if you see that price then the product might be already sold out, or you are late as this offer is valid only before 16th July, 2013.

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