eTraining: Motivation for the Balanced Scorecard

Welcome to the eTraining: “Motivation for the Balanced Scorecard“. In this part of the Balanced Scorecard training we will talk about motivation for the Balanced Scorecard.

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Designing and implementing the scorecard does take a certain amount of work,  and using it properly may require your managers and employees to change the way they work, and even the way they think about their place in your company.  Obviously, you will need to motivate them to do that work and make those changes.

You will learn how to prepare your company for Balanced Scorecard, define Balanced Scorecard stakeholders and create the Balanced Scorecard implementation strategy.

Motivation for BSC – Introduction

There are thousands of books about motivation.  And most managers already have experience motivating people.  But when it comes to implementing the Balanced Scorecard, some of the most common motivational techniques just don’t apply.  Your managers may need to learn some new techniques in order to properly motivate their teams—so you will also need to know how to motivate them.

Example 1: Motivate CEO – few final tips

Example 2: Use BSC to provide employees with feedback

The e-training includes the following topics:

  • Motivating Managers and CEOs
  • Motivating Line-Level Employees
  • Migrating to the Balanced Scorecard
  • General Motivation Tricks
  • Old Motivation Tricks, applied to the Balanced Scorecard

We are going to give a detailed guide on how to motivate your employees for Balanced Scorecard.

Motivation for the Balanced Scorecard

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