eTraining: Cascading Balanced Scorecard

Cascading is the principle of combining strategy maps and scorecards from different levels of your organization.

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The duration of the training part: 29 minutes. Coaching part includes 1 exercises.

Welcome to Cascading BSC eTraining

This part of the training includes practical information about how to combine balanced scorecards from different levels.

How to create cascading scorecards and what to do if we face some collisions:

  • What is cascading applied to Balanced Scorecard;
  • Why we cannot use just one big Balanced Scorecard;
  • When creating the cascade, start with business problem;
  • Find out if the cascade of balanced scorecards fit the organizational structure of your business;
  • Follow simple steps to create, modify and support the cascading scheme;

Play Example: Prevent Overloading of Scorecards

Play Example: History of BSC Cascading

In the coaching part of the training we answer some important questions about cascading:

  • What is the sign we need to use cascading?
  • Do we need scorecard for team, for business unit or for individual?
  • How to represent the importance of your strategic goals in the cascading scorecard;
  • How to represent cascading visually
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