The Use of Balanced Scorecard in HR

What is it Used For?

In Human Resources, the Balanced Scorecard analysis is used to measure the effectiveness of the HR department, the contribution it brings to the organization, but it can also be used to measure employee performance.

After all, HR is the department that looks after an organization’s employees, and this is the area where the best employee performance information can be gathered.

In a nutshell, the BSC is used in HR to ensure HR goals are aligned with organizational goals and employees objectives are aligned with strategic objectives.

Why Use It?

Implementation an HR Balanced Scorecard can help HR professionals improve their work practice and bring higher contributions to the organization.

Among the few reasons why HR departments should use a balanced scorecard are benefits of the performance tools such as:

  • Alignment of HR objectives with organizational objectives
  • Strategic collaboration between HR and the executive teams
  • Better performing employees
  • Strategies translated into employees objectives
  • A more strategic HR role
  • A more effective use of human resources

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