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In the second part of the training you will learn how to build the balanced scorecard.

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The duration of the training part: 30 min. Coaching part includes 2 exercises + bonus.

Welcome to Build BSC eTraining

In this part of the training you will learn how to build the Balanced Scorecard:

  • This part of the training explains the processes of building Balanced Scorecard;

Why do we really need Balanced Scorecard? To connect the strategy and action, which is actually the purpose of the training. To explain how to connect the strategy of your company to the action of your line-level employees with Balanced Scorecard.

Play Example: Calculate Performance in BSC

Play Example: Key Rules about Updating Scorecard Regularly.

  • We explain what every Balanced Scorecard term means: BSC, Balanced Scorecard, KPI, dashboard
  • We explain why using financial indicators is something that limits your business;
  • Our training includes a practical approach to building Balanced Scorecard – we show you how to start with a business problem and move to the indicators and actions that will be linked to the indicators;

During the coaching session we answer questions about the Balanced Scorecard design process, such as:

  • What is the best number of indicators in each category?
  • How many categories and sub-categories should we use?
  • How can one define priorities with Balanced Scorecard?
  • What is the best scale for weights?
  • What to do if target values were achieved;
  • How many tasks and indicators should be assigned to one employee?

This part of the training also includes some other key aspects about Balanced Scorecard. The main benefit of this training is that you will understand how to start with your strategic goal and create indicators that will help you measure your progress and achieve your strategic goal.

In the coaching part of the training we ask you to do 2 exercises, that will help you to start with your brainstorming process associated with Balanced Scorecard design.


The bonus for this part is “How to Calculate Values of Indicators” a 3-page document that explains how to calculate the values of the Balanced Scorecard if you decided to calculate the performance manually.

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