eTraining: How to Design Winning KPIs

In this part of the training, we will explain how to design winning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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The duration of the training part: 33 min. Coaching part includes 2 exercises.

Welcome to Winning KPIs eTraining

In this part of the training you will learn how to create winning KPIs:

  • What is one indicator? What properties are there?
  • Who should design the KPI? Who are the stakeholders? How do you use the Balanced Scorecard consulting service?
  • How to link indicators to your strategic goals;
  • What indicators are good and what indicators are bad? How to check them!

When we are talking about KPIs, we want you to remember, that KPIs are just the model of the business, not the business itself, that’s why on one hand you cannot measure 100% of your business with KPIs, yet you can measure the important part of the business and control its performance.

Play Example: What are Indicators

Play Example: Winning KPIs for Sales

During the coaching section, we answer the following questions:

  • What is the best number of indicators?
  • How to check the indicators you already have;
  • How to analyze the values of indicators in time; What if the value didn’t changed in a month?
  • We explain who should update indicators and how.
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